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seeking positive outcomes using creative design and sound planning principles

The Company undertakes a full range of planning consultancy functions in Scotland and has experience of working on and providing advice to clients on land use planning projects in England. We provide a tailored and direct planning service at very competitive rates.

The business is committed to the principle that positive outcomes can be achieved by creative design and by applying sound planning principles. We reject the idea that good planning can result from an attempt to justify a poor planning concept:

  • each development commission starts with a no-cost consultation to assess whether and how we can support the proposals
  • we are a full service consultancy, working in partnership with professional associates
  • we organise and manage flexible tailor-made teams to provide the range of services offered by larger agencies without the related overhead cost to clients
  • we are continuing to evolve to take advantage of new technologies and to stay ahead of developments in planning and environmental legislation

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